Wednesday, January 26, 2011

do you know what time it is right now? do you know that? yeah you do. its 2;17 am in the morning and its freaking too early for me to still get online. but who cares? yeah my parent care. haha. mind that after this.

recently im like get obsessed BACK with making video AGAIN. and yeah somehow im glad with it. im so happy my passion come back! ok ok you get me there. most  of my video is about what happened around me. and yeah only the best part of it only. just to observe most of my video are kinda like sooo tight. i mean i too cover up anything. like im not being me. its like wanna look like pretty every second. and yeah somehow its kinda suffocate me.

through viewing such a pro youtubers now on, i learn something from them. that is be yourself! be honest. do it like this is you and no one ever wanna judge you for that. and yeah and im kinda like it dowh. but since im a girl who is wearing her own little veil so i guess i couldn't be that active, i guess. but yeah im trying

once i thought that i wanna make  a dance vid but yeah just to thinking back that even my dad mad at me when i upload the vid to youtube or facebook, how could i dance or just do some random move in my video? i don't think so people. HAHA betcha think that im stupid here.

and yeah, since no one ever criticise me on doing the vid, let me critise myself. im having a TERRIBLE-WAY-OF-TALKING. i couldn't even talk that fluent. its because my English suck! totally. guess i need more time to improve it. but yeah since when? ergh, hate that.

btw, im thinking to make a video about making a school kid mad at me. like making a video for those who still have to go to school and yeah im making joke of them. hmm, sounds cool. im kinda like it. at the frist day of school i intended to do that by going to jog and yeah make fun as always. but then when i think back that the day is raining i failed everything. there goes my chance. i wanna do it again. gotto go to jog with siti today. just after this 3 hours of sleep. guess i m not going. too sleepy. eheh. but still! i've made promise.

just now at Facebook, Su'aidah told me that she miss me. how i miss you too and others. DX

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