Saturday, November 20, 2010

oh wow. school ends. oh wow again. macam tak percaya. as i still thinking that kena iron baju lagi, basuh kasut..  HAHA anyway, i'm waiting for this moment like forever

end of the day yesterday, kitorang i mean my friends and i crying so hard. i am excluded cause i don't know how to show the sadness through tears. when i tense i cry. i pissed off i cry. when i sad i didn't cry. i just laugh or smile. cause that's the way i am. but seriously.. i intended too. ni semua salah su'aidah. haha. dia pasang lagu sedih tu. habis semua nangis. the memoir when we all together. i won't forget it.
thanks for everything. i am a freshie there. still you guys treat me like we've been known like forever. owh i love you guys.

farah, nedy, lina, nadzy, sue, ona, maz, and gmie. thanks for the memory. yeah even we didn't have that link in the heart but still i really appreciate you guys. OMG. i'm crying here. macam tak percaya.


anyway, spm is only two days ahead. i can't wait for it to finish. it just took a piece of me. bluff. haha. actually  A LOT! not just a piece. i regretting myself for abandoning my academic stuff while i form 4. believe me. readers dont expecting your form 4 batch to be your honeymoon. do not! cause you will regret at the end of the day. believe me. don't be like me. struggle at the eleventh hour. doesn't make sense. it doesn't help. you only create more trouble when you are in form 5. trust me. i know.

anyhow well i can say that my preparation only 60% which is critical. absolutely critical. but yeah i know Allah will always be by my side.

the struggle shows through the result. i do believe in myself. bla bla bla

speaking about the plan after the SPM. i have list it down just for my mum reference and she gonna approve it whether it is ok or not :
  • learn about basic life like cooking, house management, sewing, driving and all.
  • applying for my position at UITM. i wish can further my study to UITM shah alam in art and design or business.
  • improve my english. fuckingly hell i really need to do that. somehow now, i can write but i can't talk that fluently which is i hate it really much. it's annoying! and yeah my grammar. i know. i know.
  • hang out with cousin at petaling jaya. explore the world with her. yeah literally i can say that she's the one who show me about how the real world look like. i mean she's the one who changed me from 'the tomboyish girl' into 'the a-little-girlish-improvement'. kind off. she showed me how the real girl act. about my personal image. yeah thanks dear. i love you. :)
  • meeting nafeesa. owh i  miss her! 
  • video project collaboration with whoever. parody vid. owh my passion.
  • get myself mp3 or mp4 or an ipod. oh please..! i really need it. 
  • change phone cause mine now suck. atikah, you know it right?
  • get myself a boyfriend.. haha. that one probably would be the last on the last on the list.
  • learn how to communicate effectively. like how to talk with people and convince them with something you have. and yeah the most urgent is to learn how to react with the real interview session cause it's kinda important as i'm going to a lot of interview in anything. like getting a job, for the scholarship, or my position for the IPTA. yeah sort off. i wonder why school doesn't have that kinda class to prepare the student before they are going to the outside world i mean. still it's important. 
 yeah i hope i can achieve it before July. :))

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