Wednesday, October 6, 2010

yes i am!

owh yeah right. if only i can say that whenever people asking "are you genius?"
why am i not born as a genius? as an ultimate genius? superbly genius?

ok i know i won't be it. but still yeah.i'm hoping dowh.
my 'gerak gempur' seems like there is no difference at all. still suck.
but maybe in addmath i have improve a bit. I THINK! duh
this is no fun at all. please shaika.
come back
i need you. this soul ain't use anymore.. :(

speaking about my future, what am i going to be?
hmm, i do have make a list of my ambition.

wanna know? ok here ;
1. lawyer ( LOL)
2. lecturer
3. businesswoman (hehe money addicted)
4. designer (hey, i do have skill ok)

well just that maybe. in my life i do really wanna avoid myself from being a teacher. ok there is no different at all with lecturer ok huh? no no. there are. lecturer is better than the teacher. the ordinary teacher. i got no mean to insult but eheh. no need to mention. OWH! i'm not that person who forget about their teachers kindness ok. duh

now on i'm feeling so excited to finish up my last time of being 'student' and yeah i'm going to marry just after the SPM. LOL. i'm joking. :D

the plan the plan. owh there is a lot! i tell you. car license , picnic , bbq and bla bla bla.

so hey yo'll friend be ready!  but still focus on SPM first ok. :)

(i love my new blog! :D)

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