Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i know he look mess. forget it. XP

i heart heart heart you damn freaking much.
if only i can meet u ..

he is filipino
and he is a really great singer
trust me , i know.

owh yeah i first start knowing him through my cousin when one night she talked with her friend on MSN then her friend told her about him. (albert) and they were like screaming and  laughing so hard till i thought that they were crazy. so i butt in and watched the video with her. and i'm like;

"OMG, he is awesome!"

and this is the link for the video.

albert is in black and yeah i know he look damn nerd. well he still young. but still i like his voice. awesome.  we watched the vid like 2 a.m ok. and we repeat it like 15 and plus times. HAHA. it just awesome. so since that night , i begin to be possessive with albert. cause i just love his voice. :)

just his voice.

and yeah i do have upload his song like 'for all time' and 'all we gotto do is love'. whenever i get tense or even in trouble i will start playing his song again and again till i feel alright again.

somehow his voice calming and that is why i love it. :)

if only i can wish for a boyfriend, this is what i'm looking for.

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