Tuesday, May 4, 2010

lately,i got new passion. I wanna wear CONTACT LENSES!!! yeay. actually i do have plan this like for ever. i mean it's kinda look exciting when someone trying to put something jellyish-weirdo-stuff into your eye. haha that's what i thought.

this things started when i know that one of my friend's boyfriend wear it.i thought at the first time this could be really difficult to manage this stuff as it is really sensitive. if you put it everywhere you want, nah! it would be infected. but then maybe not. SEE? even a guy can manage it dowh. ok maybe i'm kinda over exaggerated. kihkih

watever. i plan to buy it with my friend which is a boarding kid. so i preferably have a companion to STRUGGLING to put those thing into my eyes. yeay! can't wait.

my dear cousin said: "dari dulu cakap nak. sampai sekarang tarak. cheh!"

haha. this is time i;ll make sure that it would happen. trust me!! :)

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