Tuesday, January 5, 2010

yeah right. this is nonsense ok!!! there is no way this stuff could ever happen

owh so great!!! just tell me this is so not happening.. OH MY GODD.. believe me this year is gonna be the toughest year ever. argh...

ok,let me clear this up. all my life,never ever i feel tense when i need to go to school as i always thought school is fun but only one year that i try extremely hard to avoid that is this year,2010 which is i'll gonna sit for the biggest examination during secondary school that is SPM. truthly,i'm still not ready. well then,i wish at school i can manage myself as systematic yet enjoyable just to ensure everything is gonna be alright and manageable.plus,i am so wish that i won't NEVER EVER been selected to present any.

but then comes today.

today,sharp at 12.40 all of the student were involve in sport's house meeting and i as a member of zamrud (green) need to go to school hall. well yeah of course there are organisation and stuff.. and the 'best' thing is my name has been nominated. the great is,my name is the first one been to be nominate. thanx to azhani for her kindness. {x_x} well,there are six others. thank god i don't have to be on the stage all by myself. and then goes speech session. alalalala... just imagine how i embrass myself. with a stammer,my knee shaking,with unmanageable speech and myself looking mess (it's in a middle of afternoon after all) i look completely like so so-not-should-be-chosen one. oh god,kill me now!! and the 'greatest' part is i have been chosen to be secretory of zamrud's house. again,thanks to azhani for her kindness. seriously,there are tons of work that i have to do. BELIEVE ME!! in so many post,it's only secretory position that i hate the most. {T.T}

well,not to forget. yesterday i have been chosen to be the leader of my class that is 5Science1. owh god.. it's huge. owh god.. y me?? owh kill me now. i never have any experience on this stuff except when i am in standard six i'd be the assistance of head prefect but it was so longg time agoo.

what you expect me to say???

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